Thursday, May 25, 2017

#MANCHESTER--Intel Leak Pipeline Investigation--WHITE HOUSE DOUBLESPEAK


(The Pub, Northumberland)--  Just hours after the attack, Manchester police knew who the bomber was and somehow the information was passed on to US security agencies, for whatever purpose. It might have been for identification verification, a database shortfall in the UK intel loop, or for some other reason.

It might have been for a call from the US intel community that the name was passed on. There was no indication that the name, and the photos were passed on at the same time, simultaneously. It makes more sense that the flow of information occurred as the facts and evidence began to emerge.

Manchester police provided the name of the bomber, that info went out almost immediately via an NBC Twitter report. It wasn't until the next day that the NY Times published the photos. So why did Manchester wait a full day to shut down the pipeline?

The White House calling it "deeply troubling" and "will get to the bottom of it" usually means nothing will be done, the same doublespeak we heard when Novak outed Valerie Plame following the Niger pipeline debacle that led to the Iraq War.

Outing the source of the leak has the potential to disrupt not just the flow of classified information from the intel community to the press, but also interrupting the flow of intel through the intel community itself. Many of those in the know with proper clearances who could be the culprits, have far too many connections unknown to those without the clearances to risk disrupting their ability to access information that may not be made available to those outside the good 'ol boy network of spies.

When the White House finally gets the report, it will come with a recommendation to leave it alone at the risk of creating a greater compromise or losing a valuable link in the underground chain of passing on data from one agency to another.