Wednesday, May 24, 2017



(Holmes Pub, Northumberland)--Following article first found in NY Times regarding a parking issue involving the bomber and a neighbor, but no mention if it involved a car, truck, motorcycle or whatever.
As of yet, there has been no impounding of any vehicles, which is unusual in an operational sweep of this nature--

On Tuesday, the authorities raided the house on Elsmore Road, in the Fallowfield neighborhood, where Mr. Abedi had lived, after setting off a controlled explosion to gain entry.
About 20 heavily armed police officers, some dressed in combat fatigues, approached the property, applying a strip of explosive material parallel to the front door frame, then blasting their way in, according to cellphone images captured by a neighbor, Alan Kinsey, who showed them to reporters.
Mr. Kinsey, who lives opposite the house raided by the police, said that he had waited and watched at the window, but that no one else had emerged, so he concluded that the property was unoccupied at the time of the raid itself. “It was empty, they didn’t bring anybody out,” he said.
Mr. Kinsey added that there had been only one occupant of the property in the last few months: a man in his 20s who was tall and slim, and often wore white clothing. Mr. Kinsey said he had only one brief interaction with the man, over a parking issue.

(Google image capture dates, July, 2014)--

In the 2014 images, there appears to be CCTV cameras mounted facing the street on the neighbors flat next door to where the bomber lived--

There may be more in the neighborhood with valuable video of the activities at the 21 Elsmore residence--